Bloody Kisses

The blood there, was just so much of it. I loved it so much. Just the sight of blood. It excites me to see blood. How it can flow or even drip very slowly from someones body. Thats how I kill. Very slowly so theres so much pain, strugling, and sceaming. My latest victum died slower then the rest. I’ll get a new victum every month. I’m out right now looking for my next victum. I think I have the perfect man lined up right now. We talk then I say lets go to my place. i have a 17 room mansion on a hill side far from civilization. He thinks a wonderful place. wait untill he see the basement. I come up behind him with a pan. He turns and I barly have time to hide it behind me. My dog barks from the back yard and it scares him. He turn his head and thats when i strike. He’s knocked out and i drag him down the stairs to the basement. When he does come to he notices he is tied to the table I have in the basement.
I walk over with a tray in my hands and set it down on a stool by the table. I stick a finger right in his skin and pull out a few ribs. I hear then break and him start to scream beging me to stop, but I dont I press on. Next I take a knife and cut his arm. I look down and see that I have carved his name into his arm. On the other I do a rose. I start with the rose at his shoulder and draw a vine going down his arm. The blood is flowing of the table like a river and with every cut I give him he screams louder. I want to listen to misic while I do this. I walk over and turn on the stareo. The song “STUPID GIRL” by COLD starts to play. I put it on repeat. The words wrap around me like a blanket.
Wanna love ya, wanna fuck ya
wanna squeze ya, stupid girl
I start to sing while my victum whimpers. I consider all my victums my baloved.
Wanna touch ya, wanna take ya wanna shut ya, stupid girl
As I sing I dance around the room with joy.
I can’t take this,born to breack this
It’s goin away, what’s wrong with,my life today, It’s goin away, what wrong with, my life today
Stupid girl,stupid girl
I’m a loner,I’m a loser,I’m a winner in my mind
I’m a bad one,I’m a good one, I’m a sick one with a smile
I cant take this,Born to break this
It’s goin away, waht wrong with, my life today, Stupid girl stupid girl, stupid girl, Stupid girl
As I stop singing the music goes on repeating the song. I walk over to him and continue what I started slowly pilling away his skin. I take the broken bones out of his body. Each time his screams getting lower and lower till there was no sound or movement from him at all. I put his body in a bag and go to the vault door in my masement. I open the lock an throw his body in. I’ll wait for another night to bary it. I shut and look the door and go up stair to go to sleep.
I awake to a whinning sound. I go down the stair to the front foyer and see the only victum to get away from me. He carrys an axe with him. He was the only to get away because i was careless. He was my first. My love. We had been engaged and went to see a movie. The blood and guts kind. I had fallin in love with it and from there it had started. I don’t know why I had started with him I just had. He had been a lot stornger then me but after the movie I had gottin stronger. I can’t exsplain it, but like I said I had been careless. I hadn’t tied the rope tight enough and he had whiggled out and knocked me out. When I awake he was gone. I had forgotten him hoping no one would listen to him.
The police most likely didn’t listen to him or thought he did this to himself. He comes at me and I duck the swing. I run into my spoting room and grab my gun. I turn, but he made it to me first. The axe lands right in my heart. I drop to the floor and cough up blood. He walks over and whispers in my ear “How does it fell?” More blood comes out of my mouth. He bends down and kisses me. He must have still loved me. I say to him “My beloved.” I drop to the floor and die right there.