Bloody Tears

This is about Darkness, but it’s semi-erotic.

She pulled the brush through her hair, tugging at knots and twigs. Her short skirt and thin blouse revealed her less then wild nature, bringing up the subject of why she was so dressed and yet some how ragged.

“You know it’s useless. He’s dating someone.” The voice in the back of her head was filled with venom.

“I don’t care. He loves me. I know it sounds naive but it’s true” She pulled the last few leaves from her hair.

“He could be making love to her as we speak.” The voice was persistant and still cruel. She tosed her mane of chestnut hair and ignore the voice.

“Perhaps.” She muttered as she glossed her lips, “I’m leaving now, so it’s moot isn’t it?”


He sat upon the high rock wall which seperated their lawns. She saw him first, and caught her breath at his apperance. The full moon lit him from the side, and his whispy hair blew in a summer wind. His angelic face was filled with a mellow sorrow and all she could think of was holding him. As she approached the wall he stood and smiled at her.

“Hi.” He held out his hand and helped her onto the wall. “How are you tonight?”

“I’m… Well. And you? How are you and… Yes, well, it’s not my buisness anyway.” She felt her face heat and was instantly thankfull for the cool darkness around her.

“It’s not?” He mimed a femminin voice. “Sorry, I saw that in Spider Man and wanted to use it ever since!”

She laughed, trying not to snort or fall off the wall. “You do a good M.J…”

“Bet you’re better.” He smiled again and his voice resonated with emotion. “Bet you’re wonderfull.”

“Oh, Peter, you’re such a tease!” She mimed a girly voice.

“Oh!” He laughed and she was reminded of an angel again “You’re much better then me!” He suddenly took her hand, “And what other impressions can you do?”

“Well… Actually I do a relativly good dominatrix…” She kept hold of his hand and smiled, “But you’d hate that.”

“Hmmm… You with a bull whip… I’d PAY to see that!” She instantly turned her face down and blushed. “Now, none of that… No being shy.” He carefully turned her chin up and looked her in the eye.

“I’m only this way arround you.” She sighed and reached out to touch his face before she could stop herself. He froze. Oh god, she thought, No, I didn’t just do that, no!

“Sara…” He inhaled deeply, “I can’t…” He gasped as she drew her fingers allong his face, from behind his jaw to his lips.

“Oops…” She barely breathed the words, “I think you’re about to anyway…”

His breath was audiable as he sat frozen in the night. Slowly his hands were able to move again and he wrapped his hand arround hers. She smiled and pulled close, eliminating the distance between them completly. This seemed to revive him, and he was able to lean down and kiss her finally. Oh god, she moaned slightly, I simpily have to know how he tastes.

After that, not much was said. Somehow they managed the short walk back to his house, and after a breif but furious search for comdoms, they made love. Fini.


She woke in his arms and instantly remembered all of the last night with out any regrets. And from the way he moaned her name when she moved, it was appearant he didn’t regret it either. It was shortly before dawn, and they had been making love every night for the last week. Somehow, the subject of his girl-friend had never come up.

Soon after she snuck back into her own house she hid the box of condoms and crawled into her own bed. A mutual friend of herself and his girl-friend would be having a party that day, and some real rest would be a good thing. So she slept soundly and contentedly.


He had been at the party with his girl-friend. The smiles they shared where enough to make it clear they were in love.

“Told you so!” The voice in the back of her head crowed, “I knew it! Why didn’t you LISTEN to me?”

“Shut up,” she muttered, “I’m TRYING to focus…” The razor in her hand was a decevingly dull color. “Okay, he was the last straw. I’ve got no reasons left.”

“Coward!” The voice tugged at her thoughts, “Taking the easy way out again!”

“You’d rather I stay here? In this… PIT?!?” She looked around the room, and it was indeed a wreck. “I live in a shity house, and I can’t make enough to move out! I have no tallent! I’m an artist whos ideas-!”

“COWARD! You could live anyway! You just want a quick fix! Forget it, I’m not letting you do it!” The razor was flung accross the room by her arm. “You’re here to ‘Love and Mourn’, remember?”

“That was just a shity poem I wrote!” She sobed out the words.

“It was written in blood. So now, it’s an oath. ” The voice rasped the words out at her.

She sank to her knees and let the tears flow. A smile spread accross her face as she fell onto her side. the last thing she could recall was the taste of tears and coppery blood.


I don’t know if it ended or who won. I can’t remember all I know is one thing. I’m here to love and mourn.