bloody valentine

he controls you.
he tells you what to do.
he is your oppressor.
your aggressor.

you are his beloved masochist.
he is a cruel sadist.
he fills you up.
then beats you down.
he slaughters you like a whore.
but you still come back for more.
you give him everything.
you give him control.
you give him your soul.
you fulfill his need to batter.
to make him feel like a man .
you give him what he demands.
he beats you down.
leaving you helpless on the ground.
left dying and bruised.
he laughs at you as you die.
he kneels over to kiss you goodbye.
now awaiting thy morbid death.
as your tongues entwine.
you whisper with your dying breath.
“goodbye my bloody valentine”.

By Melody

young bisexual pagan goth girl. struggling muscian n writer