Body Pain-ting

Finally, he was seated in the bus. Finally, on his way home…only one hour left. Pissed off, by having to wait in the rain an cold, after a stressing, all too long school day, which had caused him some head-ache – which was not to unnormal for him. He had already got used to having head-aches.

While comforting himself in his seat and watching the bus pass by the known and ugly city-image, the pain grew…especially at a single spot on his head – or to be precise, on his forehead. Right there, over his left eye, on the “edge” between his eyebrow and where the nose begins. Penetrating, yet constant.
This was, when first the idea of pain-ting came to him.
He wanted to try out, wether he could “draw” with the pain, like with a pencil – just that he would be drawing on his forehead, instead of paper. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the pain, drawing – like pulling – it in a line, then in a swift curve and then in a final spiral on his head. He could see the precise image…like a red line of thin paint, stretching from its origin to this snail-shell like being. For that was the further difference of this image to those on paper: He could feel the painting, because it was not paint but pain, that he had drawn it with. Therefor in a way, this “picture” was more existent – more real…more…”alive”, than normal pictures! Pulsing a bit, it was not a very pleasant picture – though the experience of pain-ting it, filled him with joy.

Only too sad, that he couldn’t show anyone…

So, with a *wish*…it was all gone – the inner-eye image as well as the pain itself.

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