Boo!! Poem! (just a rant…)

Grr I’m so annoyed!! I just wrote a long poem, which was very different to a lot of my usual poems… When i clicked “Submit” it said “Sorry, we require 60 seconds before each post” (or summat) and now it’s gone!!!

Hopefully, it did submit the poem, i guess i’ll just have to wait and see… Grr!! How annoying! I wrote it straight on here too, so it’s not saved!!! If anyone sees it in the next few days, on the poetry section, it’s called Little Girl….. I’d really appreciate a comment cos it was a totalle different piece of writing, and im not sure myself what i think of it!!

Well yeh thats my rant hehe Take Care all, *~*BrokenDreams*~*

By BrokenDreams

Im.. me... Theres not much to say really...