Does anyone else get bored going through the cogs that are material existence???….. Solutions are almost non existent, But yet we are not allowed to take the one course open to us because of some moral majority that tells us that doing what we feel we need to do is wrong. I feel that suicide is an option for anyone who is weak willed, but at the same time it is their choice, who are we to tell someone no?? We are not Gods no matter how much we wish to be. We do not hold the power of life and death for anyone but ourselves. If we choose to put out our own light why not? I believe the country should have suitariums where people can go and just end their existence if they so choose. If they want to commit suicide they are probably to weak to live anyway so who needs em??……..Sorry to rant but I just thought that this is something that needed to be said

By ChaliceBlood

I have existed in a mire that was self made. I have found a possible cure for my melancholia.