Fucking Loser
I just can’t stand you.
Why don’t you leave?
Just fucking go!
I didn’t want you anyway.
Never wanted you to stay.

I don’t care if you’re pissed.
Don’t care what you tell your friends.
Yeah, I’m a bitch
And I don’t give a fuck.

Cry all you want.
‘Cuz I don’t care.
Piss and moan.
Say I’m a whore.
Lie to all your friends.
Go ahead, ‘cuz I don’t care.

Kick the glass, bust the pain.
You’re nothing but a fucking shame.
I don’t want you, never did.
You’re just a stupid fucking kid.
Just go away
Wouldn’t give a fuck if you died today.
Yeah, I’m a bitch.
You were just my toy.
And I don’t give a fuck.
Stupid little boy

Try and tell me I can’t live without you.
Believe what you want, I know the truth.
You meant nothing to me, I’ll prove you wrong.
You’re the one who can’t move on.

Just stop calling, can’t you see?
Are you fucking blind? Or stupid?
I hate you!
No I don’t want to be with you.
I can’t fucking stand you!

Sissy boy, can’t you take it?
The knowledge that you were just a toy?
Stupid little boy,
Can’t live knowing I used you.
Just chill, ‘cuz one day you’ll do it too.