Brain Dead- a poem

How long until I realize the things that cannot be?
How long shall I remain Brain Dead?

I’m pursuing the dreams that I once had,
I’m reaching for the empty box,
I can’t let go,
How could I ever be so harsh?…on myself
I’m chasing wind,
The wind that stands still outside
Now that walls surround me
…out of reach…
And I’m suffocating…
For these steel walls to crumble,
The fall of an invinsible empire.
But I will always long for just abother breath
To revitalize my senses
Just to be dulled once again…
And I’m suffocating…


**I don’t believe myself to be much of a poet, but here’s a little something I wrote in a moment of thought. I’ve been told it doesn’t make any sense, but make of it what you will…**