I don’t know which poems I’ve published and which ones I haven’t so forgive me if you’ve read this…

Broken hearts and shattered dreams
Nothing can survive, it seems
I’ll never be just what you want
I’ll never your debutante

Nothing’s ever good enough
You’ll never be satisfied
I’m sorry I didn’t do it right
I’m sorry that I lied

I’m sorry ‘bout all the things I said
Or whatever I did wrong
I’m sorry ‘bout your ruined rep
I’m sorry that you’re gone

But I’m not sorry about just one thing
That’s what I’m here to say
I’m not sorry that I was who I was
I’m not sorry I’m who I am today

By Audrienna

I write, I sing, I dance, I act. That is my life. Often I feel very alone and much of that comes out in my writing. You'll probably notice that. Sometimes I feel like I have nobody, not even myself. That's when I write the best. So most of my stuff will probably be depressing and melodramatic. But deal with's just how I am.