put in poetic please

when the light goes out you can hardly see,
when you open ur mouth theres no breath to breath,
the hearts entangled in a mass of chains.
the light is open but it all stays the same

the truth engulfed in your lies
decieved by your artificial cries
when push comes to shove the truth comes out
the inside stirs an internal shout

i shout inside but no one can hear
no one can belive that it can be real
on the exterior happiness is shown
now, the thoughts in me seem unknown

the thread of life is once again cut
and the life inside me is torn away
the life is gone, nothing but death
not one word not even a breath

for it was you my heart resisted
in my dreams my emotions existed
in my dreams they werent for you
but for the one that loves me not a lie…..untrue.