Bring Me Salvation

I feel your icy cold grip on my soul. Your grip gets stronger each day. I feel I won’t slip away, dragging me closer to the edge, pulling me into the depths of hell. I can hear the cries of others telling me to get away before it’s to late. As the chills of that grip runs up my spine I strugle to slip away. Then suddenly from about I see that light, below an abyss. As your hand descends from the light I reach for in and at last the cold hands around my heart loosen their grip on my soul. I feel that warmth of true love. As it shines down on my face through my hand, down my arm, and through out my whole body. It envelopes me down to my soul. Through out this transformation I hadn’t notice, but now I’m surrounded by light, I hear the sounds of music ,and I can no longer hear the cries of hell, or see its depths, nor feel his icy grip on me. I am now loved by the one true love of You.