broken glass

i am nothing to the ppl i meet
nothing more than broken glass
that only when walked upon by bare feet
do you notice me at last

i try to shadow my world
show then how i feel
but you bastards keep coloring it up
with your happy glowing appeal
if i’m told one word from the ones above
it’s excuse me, hand is this up, or a whatever push or shove
what the fuck do i look like bitch
you fucking servent
you don’t like my make-up…fine
never liked you anyway
you don’t like the color i dress in….fine
you dont’ have to wear it
i wish i could shove my foot straight up your ass
turn and keep it in
so you’ll know all the pain and suffering i go thru
from all those things you said
dont’ think i’ll change
i never wont
sorry to disappoint you and the rules you wrote
so if i only stay glass to you
i’m soo fine with that
but piss me off and i sware to god
i’ll cut the shit outta your fucking ass!

By unforgiving lover

i don't like ppl and i don't like being here i'm 5'7'' short spiky hair, brown eyes, and that's all u need to know oh and i'm a major smart ass and i hate you and everyone else dont' talk to me cuz i'll try to kill you