Broken Wings

Jaded dipositions cloud my vision,
Confusion so disarry, spinning reality, darkened indecision,
Can’t escape the haunting darkness, destroying your total existence,
Surrounded by demands and expectations, can’t easily accept insistence.

The more time that passes the darker reality becomes and the futher you fall,
A desire to keep living is surreal, a wanted feeling you can’t recall,
Nothing seems to matter, reality forlorn, everythings so apathetic,
Every word we say, action we make, or every thought we think is either deciet hidden well or apologetic.

Theres no repairing your wings, you’ll never be the same,
Theres no one there to offer confort when you finally realize just how much of a lost cause you have became,
The condition of my mind, my feelings, and thoughts are tainted,
True expression seems impossible, my mind is like a complicated, distorted, and uncomprehendable picture that can’t be painted.

So much anger, rage, and sorrow kept inside, bottled up, closed so tight,
More and more time passes and more and more you think that maybe your not alright,
Every word, action, and thought is slowly being taking over by psychotic tendencies,
The only spoken conversations with any truth to be found are the ones concerning my caustic substance dependencies.

This life is almost unbearable, this world I desire to forget,
All the things we search for now are lessons in life we know we haven’t learned yet,
When its all over everything we do is just everything we’ve done,
Just let it pass, you can’t fly with broken wings, you can’t place blame to the hatered you feel inside, to the fact that no matter what you convince yourself of or how much you try to avoid the feelings, you’ll always despise everyone.

By Broken_Reflection_Jaded_Image

Known as pessmistic, unfriendly, apathetic, and introverted!