“Hey Amber, want to go with me to pick up Kat’s wedding dress?” “Alright”. My name is Amber Griffing, Im 17 yrs old, I have one brother and live with my parents in our nice big home. I’m not very liked by anyone, no one in school pays attention to me at all really, but you would think that my life is happy, and it is, except for this day, this day, when I lost the second most precious thing to me, my brother Ryan, the first precious thing to me is this guy I like named Dan, but thats another story.
Me and Ryan go to the wedding store and buy the preordered wedding dress for Kat, my brothers soon to be wife. I carry the dress outside and into the parking lot. Ryan had to park his car on the other side of the road because of the fact that theres no more spaces to park in the parking lot. “Hey let me get the car, you know I need the practice.” ” No no Amber, you just stay here and hold the dress.” “Oh alright, but im driving home. My brither laughed and walked across teh street.
I sit down on a bench outside the building watching Ryan get into the car and start it up. He starts to pull out when all of a sudden I see a 8 wheeler truck speeding down the road, the driver was obviously drunk. “Ryan not yet NO!” i scream, but no luck, Ryan gets hit and flipped over by the speeding truck. A hit and run basically. I drop the dress and run over to Ryan and the mutalated car, I hit open the window to see his face, cut up and covered in blood and glass all over him. I drag his body out into the road, now with a crowd of pedestrians watching and whispering around us. When I get my unconsciece sibling out of t he car I look down in horror at his chest, a huge peice of glass got gammed right through him, and instantly killed. I sit there crying and crying hugging thedead body, getting covered in his fresh blood until the police arrive and have to rip me from him. My family comes and even Dan’s family comes because Dan and Ryan were best friendsI run to my father and jump into his arms still with rivers of tears down my face and blood all over my shirt arm and cheek. He hugs me and so does everyone else, even Dan eventhough he can’t stand me. The police take the body and the car away and ask me questions and we go home.
That night as I lay in bed thinking and still crying….thinking about what I have left besides Dan, and thats basicaly not good…my family is really great to me…but my departed brother was the only one who understood me. I wish to die too, but only because I blame myself, If i made him let me get the car then he would still be alive, and ready to marry Kat, I can imagine what shes going through right now,Im gonig through it as well. Me adn Kat don’t talk at all, but we understand what eachother id going through…I will live on with the memory of Ryan with me always. Whatever happens to me I’m ok with. As long as I don’t forget my special dear older brother Ryan.

Amber Griffing-June 6, 2006

By WickedHeart

Theres really nothing to me....just pain