Bullsh!t War

This whole thing really pisses me off. The one thing as a kid I was always scared of was being in a war. I could never understand out of all the guns how people could manage not to get hit. I just hope all this shit at the moment doesn’t actually turn into a proper war. If people are using nuclear weapons or whatever, it’s so stupid cause we’ll all be dead in, what, 6 months?!

What I want to know is how this guy, Saddam Hussain (excuse spelling if it’s wrong!!), works. What goes on in his mind, and what makes guys like him, Aldolf Hitler etc decide to start killing people?!
When do certain people go from kiddy games playing ‘army’ or ‘king of the world’ (?!) or something, to actually doing it. When do they go from being a child and wanted to take over the world to actually taking it seriously??

Ok, I’m not totally up to date and 100% fully educated about it all, but say if Saddam does want to bomb parts of the world with these weapons, why?? If, as they probably would be today, they are nuclear weapons, they would take out the world easily, and what would be the point of that?? At least with someone like Hitler we’re still around to remember him! If somebody blew up the world it would be pointless!!

My close uncle has just recently been sent out to Kuwait (spelling?!) and is placed there for the time being. Although I don’t think like this, what happens if they do decide to send him into Iraq, what if I don’t see him again? I mean, I’m sure he’ll be home in 6 months or so, but whats with killing so many innocent lives just cause or one person, or a group of twisted people?!

Yes, I do know how the world works, and it’s not all “Ok, I’m the bad guy, i’ll surrender myself and you can do what you feel nessecery with me”, but I don’t see why we’d need to in the first place. It’s not as if it’s a pair of kids falling out over something, it’s serious, and it’s Bullshit!
I just wish everyone would get on and leave each other to rule their own country, believe in whatever they want to, be who they want to, and live how they want to. I guess I’m just living in my dream world. If only people would grow up and come join me.

By BrokenDreams

Im.. me... Theres not much to say really...


  1. B/B (Bush/Blair): hypocrisy and cynism alliance

    Excuse me. Those guys are lying to the whole world, those guys are lying to YOU. At this time, Irak can still get prepared to a wave of mortal technologies. Don’t forget that Irak isn’t just a desert of oil, it’s a country of 23 millions people.

    Bush says that Saddam Hussein “is dangerous for peace in the world”, because of nuclear arms… that he doesn’t have. But what can we say about Bush, almost-elected president of a country owning more than 10.000 nuclear warhead?

    After ten years of imposing an embargo on Irak (that killed more than a million of people!), Bush launch out into a military offensive against Irak. The state of war had never finished since 1991 (first Golfe war).

    I’m not saying that Saddam Hussein is sane, he’s a total manic too. I’m just asking you to get well informed about a war that concern YOU. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Read, search, ask, learn to analyse the information so you won’t be fooled.


    PS- i’m going to send this in the darkness topic so that more people can read it.

  2. I know how you feel, or at least I do in some aspects. My biggest phobia or fear is war, but it’s something I never expected to have to face up to, my parents always told me we’d never see a war in our lifetimes. But they were wrong and now we’re all screwed. I recall trying not to cry in the middle of a history lesson just ’cause we were doing about Hiroshima. I hate to think what the world’s coming to, but the fact is we all have to face our self destruction, the first nuke that goes off will set off a chain reaction of anger, pride and defence. Thus the world is split at the seams.

    But a fear based on opinion is never good to talk about for it can only spread. I just wish people could be more aware of what this world is coming to, and the consequences of weapons of mass destruction.


  3. Blind – I know what you’re saying, it’s not just Hussain. I missed that bit off, oops, but I totally agree those faggots are lying and bringing it all on too.

    And Lady – today in History a mate of mine was on about the ‘war’. I mentioned my Uncle was in Kuwait,and he immediately said “He’s gonna be dead then, so’s mine” ….. Great thanks Patch…!
    I’ve always been told I wont see war. And apart from lifts it has always been my one nightmare.

  4. Okay, think about this: What if these guys never did really grow up? I mean, if, in their minds, they ARE just little kids playing war. Maybe they don’t understand whay they’re doing, which, in turn, means they need to haul ass to an asylum. You know, Hussain has been known to throw fits like a toddler. Anyway, if you ask me (for the good of America and the Iraqi people), we need to stay away from conflict, because if Sadam IS insane, he won’t hesitate to use Nukes on us. Besides, we’re being lead by a damned Republican idiot (not trying to say all repub.’s are bad…just the radicals. and that goes for Democrats too). Bush, the one-man Army, who shall single handedly turn our economy to a pile of Elephant shit.

  5. i agree with you man, i also think this war is bullsh!t, i personally will not salute the flag or say the pledge of allegiance in school for as long as this war goes on.

  6. Okay. I so totally agree with you, this war is way out of line and I believe it WILL happen (already is?) and it will turn into World War 3. But anyway… people like Hussein and Hitler etc. decide to start killing people because they want power and they don’t care about others. A lot of people, like them, actually suffer from a disorder called Dissassociative Disorder which means they can’t empathise with others and are completely selfish (I don’t know if they do, but I’m pretty sure Hitler did). Also Hussein etc. are addicted to power, just like, I’m sorry to say, a lot of peole on this site seem to be addicted to cutting themselves, it’s a compulsion and they can’t satisfy it (and I’m NOT trying to say you guys are psycho mass killers, so just chill). It’s like with gambling, the more you win, the more you want to play…
    It’s not as simple as leaving each country to govern themselves though. Think about it, if you lived in Iraq and you were being threatened and suffering all the time, and didn’t have a say in anything etc. wouldn’t you want others to try and help you? (Mind you, that’s not what Bush is REALLY trying to do). Iraq is at the mercy of their dictator, that’s what a dictator is. And I’m not saying we should go to war, I’m totally against it, and fucking John Howard wants to plunge in head first! But you can’t just leave things as they are either.

    They should have assasinated Sadam last time they had the chance (during the last war with Iraq), but they left it for his people to get rid of him, and they were so damned scared they didn’t do it. And they’re still scared because of it. But I’m not as completely informed as I probably should be, so I’m going to shut up now.

    That’s just my view, if you disagree with it, that’s fine, none of us can do anything about it now anyway (I know, I went to the huge protest, and look what good that did!)

  7. WHO CARES?! This “war” is just some overcomplicated political bullshit that the media has exaggerated to stir things up, and president shrub is itching to show off his might. If theres any country or government to be afraid of its the USA.

  8. <responding to last comment rather than post as a whole>
    “WHO CARES”??????????????
    Everyone who knows somebody who’s been sent out to possibly die, everyone who is being affected by society going into a pre-war state of mind, everyone who doesn’t want WW3 to occur in their lifetime, or that of their children, for whichever reasons they feel are most important and there are many many more than I can think of.
    If there’s anyone out there who truly doesn’t give a damn about the catastrophe about to be let loose on the world, and on them because there will be so many knock on effects, then I’d be very interested to know why.
    It might well be a war fought over oil and selfishness, pathetic reasons covered by a noble cause of removing a dictator, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a different type of blood that’s shed.

  9. EvilShinji, I agree with what you’re saying, about religion, about where you are etc etc. And I can see you being angry too! But I don’t like your tone!
    It’s not me, or anybody else here who will be shooting at you, it’s the assholes with the control.. And it is a shame that religion causes war. I wish people would respect other’s beliefs, and even if they don’t, let them be. I goto go anyways lol bye. x

  10. the unfortunate thing about this war
    is that thousands of lives will be lost
    innocent lives…
    and it doesnt only effect the united states and iraq
    it effects the entire world.
    it seems that people will never learn that u cant force your opinion on another person…
    the change has to be the other persons decision.
    the answer to all this is simple
    people just need to learn to let other people think what they want
    and to think for themselves.
    and leave everyone else with their opinions.
    the simplicity of the solution is scary
    because thats all this damn war is about
    people trying to force their opinions on others.
    but ignorance and the lack of interest to try to understand
    seem to be flooding the world at this patricular point in time
    thats just my opinion…

  11. Well
    let me tell u something
    ffs i live in israel so i am in the fucking middle of all this
    all iraq and the other countries will shoot at who?!? thay cant shoot at USA so they will get everything on us … oh wii tnx really nice from you -.-;;

    all those religions thing is one big bullshit
    if those religions werent exist then countries and war wasnt exist nighter…

    but ppl need a belife… something that they could worship and belive in him… so they will have hope… hope to kill and to murdor… hope to destroy what thier “god” gave …

    war is one big bullshit
    same for religion which build this war deal…

    signed on…

  12. Look, people. Give peace a chance… Yeah right! Peace flat out doesn’t work! Sometimes the only way IS war. I do disagree with the way this war is being portrayed, however. If you look at the UN, you’ll find a group of bureucrates, totally worthless fools. They tell Iraq to get rid of weapons, then they get pissed at the USA because Iraq isn’t doing so. For some reason the entire world hates the United States. If we refused to fight this war, they would get pissed anyway! We’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. Lets show the world why America is the leader in weapons technology. I thought the people here thrived on death and destruction? I thought this was a place for those who are dark souls? You should tell the world to blow itself up, and to hell with ’em all!

  13. Even if people here do “thrive on death and destruction” they don’t thrive on lots of innocent people’s death and destruction. The world was given2 us (by whoever) and we shouldn’t just end it by blowing it up. When it’s gonna die it will die, like everything has it’s time to go, so will the world. We don’t need to help it along the way by poisoning it…

  14. This war shit is scary as hell.. but if you don’t want a war, then what DO you want? We have this whole world council thingy to try to keep the peace and it’s the leaders’ responsibilities to pay their dues. everywhere in school i’ve seen signs like “Go to hell Bush” or “See you in Hell” but when I ask them what other choice they have, they stand there and say “I don’t want war” like a dumbass. Saddam has had plenty of chances to keep the peace but I guess he blew it. It may be the tinyest slip-up that Bush was just waiting to act upon, but I dunno… I mean, if Saddam isn’t going to do anything then I guess we have to force him to. Problem is, yea, people will die and that’s just wrong. Biological war, nuclear war, shit like that… I don’t see why those things had to be made, it’s just countries trying to prove they’re more powerful than others. Biological war is just hella fuckin scary because I hear the US has enough to kill the world 100 times over; I’m pretty sure they don’t wanna resort to that but then WHY HAVE IT? Okay damn I’m just confusing myself… My main point was that there are so many people out there that don’t want this war, but for US citizens out there: If you don’t want a war, then what should we do? Get bombed first?

    Sure, we have a leader who resorted to violence at 5pm today. Yes we are killing thousands of people… It’s horrible; i don’t want their lives lost but I don’t want our lives lost either… No matter what..

    I’m still proud to be an American…

  15. Mph. . .lmfaoroflmfao. . . .

    right. . . .anyway. . .I could give you one hell of a debate to argue over here, I’ve already figured out wtf is going on and what I damn well know is going to happen. Instead I’ll just throw a few ideas out of my 34 page prediction. . .

    . . . .I live in the U.S. so therefore, I am fucked. Yes, perhaps this “war” will end by the end of the year. . . .then the U.S. takes control of iraq and the oil fields. which pisses off the countries in the first place that would not side with the current war. So therefore starts ww3, a war for oil . .of course, if not for that reason then another reason will arise soon enough. It doesn’t really matter, the next war will be next year anyway with Korea. . . .and the way Russia threatened the decision of the war. . i think they will get involved soon as well, in a very negative way.

    My friends, it’s a worse case senario. I’ve already decided if I see a bright flash off in the distance that I believe is a nuclear explosion. . .I’m walking towards it instead of running.

    Fuck this country and its corrupted government. . .fuck their taxes and constant adding of unfair laws. . .fuck the fact that they are trying to make us all into slaves. . . .fuck this war (spare the lives of those misguided souls that voluntarily went to iraq). . .and I have my reasons to hate these. . .I do not condemn blindly. I see past the blind patriotism of the nation. Who, in their right mind would give their life to keep a group of old men in power. the very ones that sent them in to kill their opponent. Think about it. .its vice versa as well. . .2 countrys, 2 governments, sending men to die for thier own personal purposes. Not for the good of a nation, everything revolves around power

    -Force my friend is violence, the supreme creator of power-

    personally. . .the only thing on my mind right now is to leave this damn country while i am still alive. . .my destination is australia. . .most ppl forget that aus even exists most of the time. . i think its safe there. . . . .and I have a very dear friend of mine there that if the world does end. . .I would very much like to spend that time with her, or in each others arms.

    (btw. . . please. . . .be welcome to condemn my opinion. . .even though it will not change it)

  16. oh, btw. . . .didnt all this bs start because of osama bin laden and the taliban?!

    wtf does this have to do the sadaam?

    has he done anything to us in the past few years? Has he even threatened? Is there even proof that he has these weapons of mass destruction?


    Bastards are just looking for a reason to start a war. . . . .

  17. well according to history, America’s economy DOES thrive right after a war..

  18. Metaphorically. . . .the value of the dollar decreases during and after, ppl then have to spend more of it to get what they want. . .that is why is “looks” like the economy thrives. . .its all numbers on a page.

  19. I don’t know all the details about the war and why it started. I think the U.S.A. should never have been messing around in the affairs of other Countries. I’m Glad I live in a Free Country. I wish more Countrys were free. It’s not going to happen without a lot of death. I don’t know weather or not it will end up a good or bad thing. I think Iraq has a right to have a millitary every Country has one. I think no one should use nuclear Bombs but We are not going to get rid of them and more countries will get them. They just want a deturent like the U.S. So People won’t fuck with them but they will anyway, Bin ladden did what he did was wrong but not suprising I expected something like that for a wile. the War will continue it’s out of our hands. I’m just glad my Country isn’t following the U.S. like it normaly does.

  20. But I don’t think this war will last for long.
    For a start, apparently most of the Iraqi troops were surrendering, so the armies didn’t kill them (obviously b’cuz that wasn’t the point of the war) so they just need to find Saddam..

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