The things I do
I do for me
The pain
The humuliation

The depression
I put you down
and it makes me grow stronger
I make you cower
and it feeds the fire
burning my good soul and mind
I withdraw into my little world
and you think I’m crazy
but I think you’re narrow minded
so I dive deeper into my abyss of insanity
I humuliate you more
just to increase the gravity
forcing me to lifes little edge
the one we balance as we laugh in
the face of pain,
so continue to feed the fire
continue to make me dance with the pain
and one day I’ll no longer live for you to torment
then you will know the sweet pain of balancing on deaths edge.


By khyia

Me I am I..and Me...and Myself...and since I don't want you to know anything about me, you will not. so blah!