Busted! Fugitive who appears in Horror movie gets pinched!

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A fugitive has been arrested after federal agents saw his photo in a Washington state newspaper that ran a story about a low-budget horror movie.

Of all the rotten luck! Small-time actor and bank robber Jason Strange (no relation to Glenn Strange, who played Frankenstein’s monster) was trying to further his career in the former designation when the coppers showed up to nail him for his activities in the latter. The article doesn’t say whether Strange was arrested on the set of the Horror movie “Marla Mae” or elsewhere, only that a local newspaper is to blame, having posted a picture of Strange in a write-up of the film. One assumes they also probably listed his name along with the photograph, which is standard procedure.

A word of advice, friends. If you are a wanted felon, you might want to “lay low.” And this low-laying would NOT involve getting a major role in an upcoming movie. And if you just HAVE to star in a movie, you might want to at least use a FAKE NAME. Otherwise it would be more expedient to simply call the cops and tell them your location, then walk down to the roadside to wait for them, jumping up and down while waving your arms when you see them coming to make sure they see you.

The producer says that Strange will remain in the picture. Guess he’s planning to post bail.

source: www.yahoo.com

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