But No Sprinkles

I know a Girl who lives But NOt really.

You see, there’s this Iron wall that has fallen on top of her. And as strong as we all thought she was, She dont seem to be able to get back up.

But the Iron wall wasn’t always on her. There was this brief phase she went through called childhood.
BUT how times seems to fly once it stops
and How it stopped when she was in his arms
BUT she waited and he never came
He was far too busy

Building the iron wall.
She didn’t know this
neither did he

Neither does he.

Because one day, this girl opened her eyes and she couldn’t get up.
The iron wall had alas grown too heavy to stand erect.
And he was there, not even trying to hold it up…he came around…twice.

I know a girl who dies BUT NOt thoroughly
Because just when she thought she’s been overwhelmed by the iron wall…someone threw some dirt on it
and planted a tree
And this was the most beautiful evergreen she never saw

And the evergreen was a magikal one, and a healing one at that.
For it at times could make her oblivious to the iron wall.
BUT then. just as the girl was happy with her tree

The iron wall would remind her that it was still there.

And pretty soon, the tree got tired of not being able to make the girl forget..
and it wasn’t so magical anymore.
BUT it was beautiful as ever.
Christ, it was beutiful.

What the girl didn’t realize though, was that, though this tree made her happy again, it was adding on more weight in addition to that of the iron wall’s. And the bigger it grew,

The heavier.

But she didn’t care
For it was so beutiful

But one day, the pressure was too great
and the girl’s ribs caved in and her neck snapped.

AND the IRON Wall so cared for the girl that it molded itself to fit her cavity. BUT the tree so chalantly walked away.
Until she had only memories of its beauty

And how she knew it would never come back

BUT O contrare…the tree did once more return. BUT only to find that, to its dissappointment…the girl was still under the iron curtain.

“Get up, why can’t you get up, You Polish Whore!…NO! Sorry!”
But the girl couldn’t hear it

I guess it wasn’t screaming loud enough.
But she knew what it was saying

The girl tried with all her might.
to move the iron wall

BUT it was too late
they were conjoined

one heap of disgraceful mass.

And the tree Saw this and whispered “Cheshire” for the last time

I know i girl but not really. I know a girl who loved an iron wall and was salvaged by the tree that left all those scars and bruises.

But it was so beautiful

By TheAndAbused

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