Butterflies and my Singing Heart

I saw you last night
my heart began to melt,
How could this be?
when this heart does not love?

you took my breath away
was this my lucky break?
was it you i could take?
Perfection almost existed….
Then, i saw in the distance behind you,
what appeared to be a small vauge figure
It was a girl, your girl?

I never dreamed that i’d meet somebody like you
now, all i want is you
you take over my mind, my thoughts
this cant happen.I cant let you take over my life,
I mustn’t…..
But, oh my baby how uncanny you are,
how completley torn apart i am.

But, as always i’ll be left lying in my bed, crying,feeling my breaking heart,
forever wondering,
forever thinking,
forever Dreaming,
forever wishing,
forever loving,
forever longing,