buying jesus christ.

i was in a terrible mall shopping minding my business and then a little boy came up to me with
this little booklet about finding jesus to save your soul, something his perverted parents made
him bring to me maybe because my appearance made them uncomfy about their community.
i knew what the booklet offered so i headed over to a christian giftshop that was located in that
mall then i purchased a $4 jesus action figure,.. haha then i had found him, he was in my life &
just big enough to fit in my pocket next to my crotch… perverted jesus. so if anyone lives in a
community where they get hassled alot about finding jesus, go buy one & whip him out when
they bitch, you could even lick his head for them.


By candystripes

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  1. Does he come with kung fu grip and walking across water action?

    everything is rent


  2. The Jesus action figure is the funniest thing that I have heard in a VERY long while. (And the crack about walking-on-water action…too good!)

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