Caleb’s Story / Erotica

I was over at his house that night, and we were watching movies in his room. His parents were out for the weekend so we had his whole house to ourselves. He got up to get some drinks, so I was sitting alone on his bed. He had been gone for a while, so I got up and turned around to see what he was doing. It turned out he was standing right behind me, and when i turned his way he put his arms around me and we started making out. He pulled away and began kissing my neck while his hands started massaging my tits underneath my shirt, his fingers tracing circles around my nipples. He lifted my shirt over my head and kissed his way down between my tits, where he undid my black lace bra and licked my nipples, gently taking each one in my mouth and sucking and biting them softly. His hands slowly caressed my body, making their way down to my pants, where he undid them and slipped his hands down my panties, pushing them past my feet, so i was completely naked.He put his hands over my hot pussy, and pushed one finger inside me. He began pumping it in and out of me, pressing the walls of my cunt with it as he kept sucking and kissing my chest, making my nipples hard. He pushed another finger in and they both went in and out, stretching my pussy and making me moan. He kissed and licked down my stomach, and quickly put a third finger in and fucked me with his hand as fast as he could while he licked up and down my slit, stopping at my clit and flicking his tongue over it as his fingers were banging in and out of me. He got up and we started making out again, the taste of my wet pussy still lingering on his lips. As he grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him i could feel his hard cock pressing against my naked body through his jeans. With trembling hands i slowly undid them and pulled down his boxers, releasing his huge cock. He pulled off his t-shirt and i stepped back a little, in awe of his perfectly sculpted body. Suddenly aware that he was all mine, at least for a little while,I jumped on him in anticipation, knocking him onto the bed. He smiled and moaned as i went down on him, licking and sucking his cock, working his balls with one hand, and rubbing everywhere i could reach with my free hand. As i dug my fingernails into his leg, he groaned. He liked the mixture of pleasure and pain. I could feel his body tensing up, getting ready to cum. Wanting to postpone this, i squeezed the head of his dick tightly, putting him through intense pain and stifling his urge to orgasm. Realizing what i was up to, he sat up and began licking and gently biting my earlobe, then whispered, “Do you want me to fuck you, babe?” I nodded and he smiled mischeviously as he pushed the head of his cock into my tight cunt. He asked if i wanted it all, and i replied no, i needed it all. He thrust the rest of it inside of me, tearing away my childhood, my innocence. It hurt like hell, but it felt so right. He kept thrusting in and out of me, slowly at first, then faster. He pulled out and roughly turned me face down. “Get on your hands and knees, bitch.” he demanded playfully. “Yes. master.” i replied, and did as he told me. He grabbed my hips and gave my pussy a long, wet kiss before entering me again. With every thrust, his dick hit me in all the right places and his balls slapped against me. He was rubbing my clit with 2 fingers and fondling my breasts with his other hand. My cunt was exploding with more orgasms than i thought it was possible to have. Then, at last, he tensed up and came inside of me. I could feel his hot cum inside of my pussy,and it caused me to have the longest, full body orgasm that i’ll ever have. He pulled out of me and we lay back panting, sweaty and exhausted. He put his arms around me and kissed my forehead, sighing in satisfaction. After we both caught our breath, he whispered to me, “You know what?” I shook my head, afraid that if i used my voice it might shatter this perfect bliss. He yawned and right before drifting off to sleep, said, “I really love you, Kris.” and lay his head right beside mine. That night i fell asleep to the rythym of his breathing.

By -Strigoiaca-Viu-

i live a meaningless sheltered life.