calm exstasy

i hear the pounding of my heart as it beats against the inside of my chest. almost enough to drive one mad, i would say. i quietly pull open my window. the night’s scent is that of fresh air and wet grass… its sounds are of crickets, night-birds, and distant cars. i jump down the very short distance to the ground and, just as quietly, close my window. i turn to the nighttime, breath in, and delight in the calm exstasy of it all. the night is alive, and so am i. all is good.

for a bit i merely run. my feet are soaked with the dew and have small leaves stuck to them. i do not care. my skin is chilled from the nighttime air and i rejoice from the feeling of it all. i look up to the moon and the stars, dancing with the clouds that weave in and out among them. i smile a small smile and feel the love for it all welling up inside of me. i force back what feels almost like tears.
perhaps i am a vampire… of sorts. i do not feed upon the blood of the living, but the very life-force of the night.
before i reluctantly return to my room for a small bit of slumber before dawn, i run one last time. my body weaves in and out of the nighttime air. the air, the moonlight, and the shadows all embrace me. i am their child and their lover. i embrace them now, as i will for always.

By x_fallen_angel_x

...i dont really know what to say. i write a lot...i was once, (and still kinda am), a cutter. i believe that anything is possible and that the only way to live is to be yourself and follow your dreams.


  1. lol chill.
    there’s a reason why we have a comment box – it’s so people can comment.
    at least it was constructive. if you can’t take it, don’t post. simple as that

  2. not spelling a word right doesn’t count against whether it’s good or not. it’s a simple mistake… everyone makes them. if you have a problem with that, Mr. High&Mighty, then EXCUSE ME. i still say you’re a bastard because that’s not constructive criticism, it’s just being a loud mouth, know it all fucker. And i stand behind those words. How’s THAT for constructive??

  3. Oh yeah, and I’m not Mr high&mighty I’m Mr Kane-Magdalen. I’m in the phone book so now you got somewhere to send your hate mail. Bye bye

  4. Heh.
    I beg to differ, it’s very constructive. Ya can’t overlook the little things. Seriously, the things that seem little to you like spellin n shit become big when other people look at them. That’s where big things come from, the little stuff that grows out of proportion.
    As for whether it’s good or not … I liked it on a superficial level. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking there but as far as a new take on an old theme goes … it’s pretty good.

    But, if you can’t cope with being told about one little spelling mistake, you really gotta get thicker skin or a harder head if you’re gonna be a writer.
    You think I’m a bastard, that’s fine, it’s not like I even know you. You can’t decide everyone’s a bastard when they point out a mistake you’ve made.

    Me, I make mistakes all the time. Everybody knows it, I aint gonna try and hide it and it’s gonna get worse if the cancer starts on my brain. But if I can stop you making a mistake again then I will, coz there’s some stuff I know.
    If you want me to feign ignorance then on the next piece of writing, put a little note saying “if there’s something wrong with my spelling please don’t tell me”. Otherwise I will tell you. Have a good day, Damian.

  5. For your information, i AM a writer… i have been for years and years of my life. i know FOR A FACT that one small mistake doesn’t make or break a story… especially when the mistake is a spelling error, which is easily fixed. that small piece of writing above came right off the top of my head… maybe you should just not worry about the little things and look at the big picture once in a while.

  6. I do, constantly see the big picture. You have to when you’re me.
    The problem is, I think you’ve missed the point.
    We’re not talking about making or breaking anything. Why does every comment have to be life or death with you?
    True, spelling errors aren’t vital things, but if they’re important enough for me to mention, they’re important enough for you to take on board.
    It don’t bother me whether this came off the top of ya head. Bottom line – spell checker aint gonna kill you is it?

    You seem to think I’m trying to offend you. Just chill for God’s sake, I was just makin a point. lol.

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