Cannot See

I only knew you for a couple days,
i thought we were meant to be,
we were alike in to many ways,
except i was loyal and you couldnt see,

why you couldnt be with another person,
but i believed in you hoping that,
you wouldnt do what i tried not,
i didnt want to hurt you bad,
so i only went near girls that were taken,
you did this to but it didnt stop you,
from being with them instead of saying,
you ahd a boy friend that you loved,
u kissed him and this had done it,
i didnt want to be wiht you,
but i told myself it wasnt true,
i needed you at this time now,
for us to split was now due,
i said i just wanted to be friends,
but i really still want you to the end,
but no matter what i do u will always be,
the samew person who cannot see,
that if you are with me,
you cannot also be with he.