Can’t Scare the Broken

Before my time, I once would fear that which lurked in alleys, and those who bore candy for any smiling child. That which lived under my bed, and in my closet.

Before this time, the chance of death was of large concern to me. When trivals things were of such great consequence to me. Curfew, the car…all the minor crap…such a huge deal.

Now is much different…things have changed. Those who bear threat against me. Who flexes with their weapons, and struts with their attitude…none of that helps when up against The Broken.
When you have the razor marks up your arms and back…pain means nothing.
When you still have the glass in your fists, and the most painful piercings…anger means nothing.
When you have the dark lines leading from the corners of your eyes to your temples, and shades of grey under your eyes…fatigue means nothing.
When you’ve forgotten the comfort of crying in someone’s arms, and feeling their warm touch and comforting voice.. or if you’ve forgotten what it’s like to cry at all..companionship doesn’t mean a thing.
When no matter where you go, or what you do, you are always….always forgotten…friends don’t mean a damn thing.
And above all….if you shamble through life, without knowing why you don’t fear death, then love doesn’t mean a goddamn thing.

So next time you’re walking home from school, or in the dark garage after work…and that one questionable person lurks near you. Simply put down your earthly possessions, flex your fists to break open your scars..and let him see the blood trickle down your frame. Let him watch as you take a box cutter to your own face, and let him know that you’ve been there…

…and that you don’t give a damn.

By Azurael

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  1. Thiz story waz more that beautiful and well written but lso true to life.It reminded me of my own ..Mine own lesson that I had to learn in life..Your story representz all those numb to the cold world around them…

  2. I have to agree with the others on this, man.
    It was Kick ass!!

    It expressed the pain and anger against those that want to hurt us that we all feel…
    Really, really good work.

    (I’m trying to get a “gothic” anthology of short stories going…interested? Mail me on if you are.)

  3. All of you are too kind, I thank you for your wonderful feedback! I’m glad to know that this writing really catches an eye. Once again, I am deeply humbled… =)

  4. GREAT WORK! I’m somewhat new to this site,i’ve looked around for a long time,and i live with everything in here,and love it.This darkness within,it flourishes within me.I have some good works,the only problem is i dont know how to submit anything.So please someone tell me how,e-mail me at

  5. I dont think there are any word to describe how this piece made me feel! Your work is great!Read all of them and loved every single one!

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