What a missed opportunity. I like to catch my movie trailers the old-fashioned way, by chance. Sure, you can watch one anytime on the Internet, but it lacks the magic of sitting in a darkened theater when the trailer for some movie you really want to see appears onscreen. This past weekend I saw HEREDITARY (check out my review over at our sister site vampires.com). Where the blue hell was the HALLOWEEN trailer? Of all the movies where they could have and should have attached that trailer! What were they thinking? Sheesh.

The new Predator flick also has a trailer. It too was lacking from the screen prior to HEREDITARY. I’ve seen images from it, but not the trailer itself. I will wait until I can see it the RIGHT way, up on the big screen. But man, how awesome does the Mega-Predator look? (Hint: That’s him in the photo accompanying this post.)

Lastly, it looks like those rumors concerning Woody Harrelson playing Carnage in the upcoming Venom movie might be true. This is a cause for celebration. Carnage, for all you non-comic book fans, is just like Venom, except he’s a completely psychopathic serial killer. Harrelson is tailor-made for a role like that. Color me enthusiastic.