Catching a Fiend

She sold her soul to the Devil,
So that she could have one kiss.

“These mournful gray eyes,
Want only to have a taste of bliss…”

“Laugh and scorn this power of mine.”
The Devil replied with tact.

They spit on their hands;
to create an after-life pact.

But really all this dark haired beauty had done,
Was entrap the Devil in his own web of lust.

He had to fulfill her wish,
Do what even he must.

“I want to kiss someone particular.” She said.
He answered, “Whatever…that’s fine.”

“You don’t get it.” She giggled, he glared.
“Then give a damn hint…or sign!”

Just so that we understand,
The Devil is a fallen angel boy.

To anyones own eyes on Earth,
Brighted eyed and only a little coy.

The Devil’s blue eyes seared with fire.

She moistened her red lips
While the Devil’s eyes turned to desire.

“Y-yes…Raven.” He stuttered.
“Kiss me.”

In her arms and tasting her,
He hand to stop and plea.

“I can’t,
I’m the Dvil.”

All dissheveled.

“All mighty,
All powerful.”

“All flighty,
and all sourful.”

She giggled at her ryme,
“I caught you.”

He sighed at Raven,
and said, “isn’t that true.”

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.