Just another guy in black

She was by no means a beautiful girl. At least, what most would consider beauty. She and her sister (who had happened to get all the ‘good looking’ genes) led a mostly abused childhood, having been drugged, molested, and in several different shelters and foster homes. Though they had been through much, they managed to… Continue reading Just another guy in black

Death Comes To Town (Part 1)

Every spring people end up missing. Days later their bodies are found, drained of blood. In this small town, no one is ever safe, not even me. One dark and cold night I went out with some friends to go to a party. We disobeyed our parents when they said “no going out passed five.”… Continue reading Death Comes To Town (Part 1)


Everyone wants to know what death feels like. They think no one knows because you can’t be dead and still be alive. What if you could? If your at a piont of isolation in ur life isn’t that the same as being dead? If your dead to the world are you dead to yourself? These… Continue reading Death