Darkness Magazine

It’s Alive! If you were to look around today, you’d probably think this was a dead site that hasn’t been updated since 2004. The reality is the site was managed using a script called pmachine at the time and it became overwhelming to manage the large number of submissions that we would receive. We had… Continue reading Darkness Magazine


I was asked the other day, “What is gothic? What do goths actually do?”. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked this, but it was the first time I actually decided to think about it. Being a goth obviously means different things to different people, as would any other sub-culture. I percieve being gothic… Continue reading Gothic?

Metamorphsis: A comical view from Prep to Goth

Author Note: I made this to put a little comic tone into the goth section, so I hope you all enjoy…I base this off my own experiance (were not all born goth, ya’ know) and the change of others. Enjoy. Step One: Realization: Hi! And welcome to Goth Labs…we really don’t do anything at Goth… Continue reading Metamorphsis: A comical view from Prep to Goth

Accepting the Invisibility

I love how no matter how down I am- feeling like it can’t get any worse- there’s always that one person, standing in the backdrop; waiting to agitate you more than you already are. There’s always one person ready to make you feel like shit with their pety, selfish comments. Or that one bitch from… Continue reading Accepting the Invisibility

Military Gothic

The Gothic lifestyle is something that many people that look in from the outside do not understand. For the largest portion, they cannot understand why we don’t want to wear happy clothes, hang out in huge crowds, and be up beat all the time. Something they would describe as “anti-social”, I would declair to be… Continue reading Military Gothic