just a thought to ponder

im a younger generation ‘goth/metalhead’, and i suppose going by what i have read on this site that im a subject to ridicule for being a ‘poser’, but i dont see how people can label others as this without even knowing them and getting that small glimpse into their mind and soul.


hello,i’m xena..i hope that the whole world can read my message…i need to talk to a gothic guy or a girl..i wanna become a goth and i cant find a way here in my country they’r abused…i need help plz ..contact me..reach to me…

I agree, just forget it

OK, I have been reading for a while. I agree with the people who are saying that you shouldn’t be trying to “find yourself”, just except what you are. You shouldn’t really have anything to figure out or find. And just because you dress in black, baggy clothes doesn’t make you who you are.


Theres always post upon post of people complaining about being labelled. Be it goth, punk, freak, or just a free spirit, a deviation from the going ‘norm’ automatically attracts a label, no matter what you may say and do to justify yourself, you label them just as much.

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Okay. ive been going to this site for a few weeks so far, and whenever i read gothic, everyone is talking about being labeled. Why should you care what other people say about you?!?!?!? If someone is going to judge you by how you look, fuck them and go on with your own ways!

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