no one else

The man had been whatching susan for 3 months straight he knew when she woke up, who she talked to at work every day he even knew when she had her period each month. He knew that she was a busy woman she had no time for men but one week was different.

Burying the Guilt

I sat in the woods by myself, well, not exactly by myself. The woods chattered all around me as the sun set. It felt like they all knew about my dirty little secret. They knew about what I had done. Maybe I’m just feeling guilty.


Mommy By Kurt Strouse “Baby! Baby!! Mommy! I’m a mommy! It’s my baby now! I’m taking the baby!! I’m taking the goddamn baby you dirty, fucking crack-whore!!” Chrissy shrieked. Her shrill cries stabbed through the air. Her eyes stretched open wide- wet, bloodshot orbs, unblinking unyielding green eyes, pupils dilated and burning with emptiness.

rape part four

“Don’t worry.” Kyle said. “You’ll get past him.” Shane nodded and looked down at Assandra’s motionless body. She looks so beautiful that way, he thought. Shane carefully put Assandra down on the floor and put his boots on. He lifted her back up and nodded toward the door. Kyle opened the door and let Shane… Continue reading rape part four