Who rides across the dusky plain Tearing along wirh might and main Like some wild storm-fiend, in his flight Nursed on the ebony breast of Night? ‘Tis he, who left her in her need– Her lover, on his milk-white steed ! The blast in all its savage force Strives to o’erthrow the gallant horse That… Continue reading THE VAMPYRE (STRIIGOIUL) PT. 3(FINALE)


Though the night is black and cold Love’s ond story, pften told, Float’s in whispers thorugh the air. Stalwart youth and maiden fair Seal sweet vows of ardent passion With thier lips, in lover’s fashion. Restless, pale, a shape I see Hov’ring nigh; what may it be? ‘Tis a charger; white as snow, Pacing slowly… Continue reading THE VAMPYRE (STRIGOIUL) PT.2


Near the cliff’s edge, on high Standing out against the sky, Dost thou see a ruined cross Weatherstained, o’ergrown be moss, Gloomy, desolate, forsaken, By unnumbered tempests shaken? Not a blade of grass grows nigh it, Not a peasant lingers by it. E’en the sombre bird of night Shuns it in her darksome flight, Startled… Continue reading THE VAMPYRE (STRIGOIUL) PT.1

Don’t Bother

I see red I hear my heart thud I feel as if i am sliping away from life My eyes close Don’t bother to save me I don’t want to live anymore Just let me go My will to live has been broken My heart stops I open my eyes I look down at my… Continue reading Don’t Bother


Making everyone know there’s hope- Just by looking at you- Your long snout and cold,wet nose- The way you look at me with your eyes and stare- I can always find hope in myself because of you- Your white and black fur is so soft- Making you look more then who you are- But I… Continue reading Olive