You look in the mirror, Seeing what you’ve feared, Seeing what you’ve become, A liar, A backstabber, A fake, The face in the mirror Laughing at you, Mocks you, Eats at your pain, And you feed it, Every day, You fake every thing you are, And it gets stronger, Soon you’ll forget who you really… Continue reading Mirror

The Past is indistructable

The past is, Indistruactable, The future is, unreliable, The present is, consequensel, The past, Haunting me, Killing me, Reminding me, Of past deeds done, I’d like to stab myself, 50 times, for every person ive hurt, for ever soul ive crushed, for every heart ive broken,

love’s eternity

passion overflows the soul and enters places most surreal fantasies materialize so done with sweet demonic zeal the world’s consumed by endless night but through a light is seen their souls redeemed – a dream-like state – saved by love’s eternity