where does the time go fading away into dusk the deepend red settles pushing my breathe into dust ashes to ashes everyone’s gone the life that once grew inside of me its gone everything returns to normal picture perfect for my funeral the cuts that bled me alive fading away with my life once they’re… Continue reading goodbye

Feeder of Life

In the darkness All alone A forlorn shadow To never be known No emotion showing On his apathetic face The masochist this world created A portrait of death’s embrace Scars running down his arms Like a seething fall from grace Oblivious to the sorrow inside Yet in his soul pain doth reside Eyes like tarnished… Continue reading Feeder of Life


as i glance up at the luminescent sky, i suddenly realize that everything i once knew has been destroyed… the rain fell silently on my eyelids, promising me a new life.

little short and useless statement

(Darkness or gothic topic, if both, all the better) ce n’est pas l’habillement qui fait la personne mais la personne qui fait l’habillement… (It’s not the clothing that determins the person yet the person that determins the clothing) all these posts about being goth, posers, what is being goth about, not wearing happy clothing, etc… Continue reading little short and useless statement

Smooth Criminal

(Annie are you okay?) A low distant rumble surges across the thick atmosphere. Moisture was tangible, hanging heavily in the air like a saturated blanket. Livid lightening briefly sashays across the horizon with another low growl of intemperate weather. Rain is imminent, the scent of spring rain raw to the senses. (Are you okay Annie?)


When Helena screams the world seems to shatter. The single pitch of undulating vocal chords pinch the central nerves at the base of the brain stem, causing a sudden rush of clustered pain throughout tense lymph nodes. Your body would throb within the disperse rhythm of her winding cry, lulling you into a dazed agony… Continue reading Helena


“I think we made some real progress last week Charlene.” “Charlie.” I correct immediately. The muscles of his lower jaw twitch and his mandibles drop open, as if to rebuke me. When his tongue depresses in his mouth he pauses, suddenly pensive. I attribute this to the fact I can feel my high caliber rifle… Continue reading Charlie


Her arm rises defiantly against the violation, the solitary wiry limb thrusting from lathered waters, breaking the serene sea of oily bubbles. The water shudders in respect to the volatile attack, sputtering irregular waves to the cracked flanks of the bathtub until the water spills like blood, soaking into the pasty crevices of uneven ground.