Darkness Magazine

It’s Alive! If you were to look around today, you’d probably think this was a dead site that hasn’t been updated since 2004. The reality is the site was managed using a script called pmachine at the time and it became overwhelming to manage the large number of submissions that we would receive. We had… Continue reading Darkness Magazine


Nympthus was head of a secret underground coven, only real Vampyres could get in and not the posers, you know who I’m talking about you pulse loving bleeding bastards! Anyway, he had a part time job working nights as a local bar tender for a club called ‘Poor Richard’, he was dealin’ up some drinks… Continue reading Nympthus

Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 7

-“That bit of information doesn’t help any. How is it you guys are able to get away with something like this? I mean an island that you described to me doesn’t seem like something everyone would over look. Somebody had have said something about it. I mean an island with large castle on it seems… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 7