Celeste Chun

Make me feel like shit
I thought you knew me
You are just like them
I hate your guts now
Fuck you and you’re sister
This time you’ll feel it
Pretty little bitch
I don’t like your rules
I hate this game
Maybe you should just cry
I’m tired of your shit
Your friends become your boytoys
Fucking is your name
I can’t stand this shit
Make me feel like it
Ignore me
Hate me
Because I’m make believe
What the fuck are you?
I just told the truth
I just wanted you
Now you’re just a lie
You want bitch boys
You want new toys
You just suck it
Fuck this
You are the golden whore
Attitude makes you ugly

* Just in case anyone is named Celeste Chun out there… it’s not you. This one was from New Mexico. She’s the true definition of the word BiTcH. Later! *

Johnny B.