cemetary lovers

i push the gate open wide enough to allow both of us passage. Her eyes stare into mine briefly with a look of confusion wondering why were going to a cemetary probably.i smiled i knew she would never truly guess why “its my fantasy to fuck on my parents grave they always said i would be a loser but i cant be a loser and go out with you” she smiled one of those ill humor him for his money smiles i get so often. i knew she hated me but she wanted my money which is why i knew she was the next to die.

my parents died when i was fifteeen leaving me homeless and broke. i hated them everyday of my life and then one night when i made my usual monthly pissing on their graves a ring caught my eyes in the distance it was the grave of the girl i had a crush on in the fifth grade she died about a year ago when i was seventeen. i thinkthat was the only girl i loved.her ring was sticking out with her middle funger seemed to beckon me to her . i stopped and looked cautiously towards her grave and the finger seemed to twitch back and forth i thought i was going insane but then her hand pushed through the sod then her arm and quickly she had her full body out. i smiled as she was brushing the dirt off her dress she looked up cautiously with a malicious grins she grabbed the back of my neck forced her teeth into my skin and exstacy ran through my mind all i could say was i love you i love you i love you over and over till i got dizzy and had to sit against her headstone. she smiled the little girl smile i fell in love with. “hey bix will you get me some women to play with you handsome man you shouldnt have any problem getting them.” i nodded my head yes i went to the nearest corner and picked up a hooker she looked about fifteen maybe sixteen i brang her over to the cemetary to my beloveds grave i knelt her down on the ground i start kissing her my tongue brushing her lips ever so softly my hands fumbling trying to get her top undone. the top finally came off i released her breasts from their prison of silk. i kissed my way down from her mouth down to her nipples teasing ever teasing them till it looked like she was gonna come. she moaned to me “fuck me fuck me now” as i unzipped her pants and took off her panties my beloveds hand reached out from the grave and grabbed the prostitutes throat dragging her down into the grave with my beloved screaming the whoel while. i laughed my insane laughterknowing this was the end for me but it wasnt it wasnt i have done every night since then now it was her time and i was gonna feed my beloved the one woman i never could have till i had money the one women i loved other than my beloved and she was gonna die screaming and painful death. i lay her gently on the grave she smiles a nervous smiles then i laugh as my beloveds hand reaches up from the grave and pulls her under i laugh so hard i get dizzy and i go into blackness.i wake up and the police have found me they said i was found fucking my beloveds corpse and i had about fifteen different bodies ranging from one year to a day dead. i was told they wont let me out and that i killed each one of them but i know i know that i wasnt alone.if you believe me something just as weird has happened to you. i am now going to kill myself i think it’ll be better that way.

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