i asked every1 who could possibly help me,about a situation girly’girly’girly’O
and they all said the same thing,the future i hold can be, decided in 3 words or so
either i let go…(or pull into me closer and closer but not 2 close)
i do not wanna let go..(but pulling closer is something that iv never did b4)
drop to the side of my continessent mind im not gonna let go/im not gonna let go (cuz iv tryed to hard to find some1 like u )
and now im
pulling close
but its hard 4 me to do
pulling closer
to where my vision is all set on u
pulling closer
so the chance that i have and the changed thats 4 grabs
pulling closer
oh that change has been made lets hope its not bad,my chance
percentage unknown,of the future i hold
my chance with u is somewhat 2 out’of 45 million other reasons why u,i said other reasons why,the other reason why
am i the only reason u cry?

I SAID…i said…i sa’aid….i dont wanna let go
(of what we had.or what we will have…you’re up 4 grabs,but the chance is taken to fast)
so i wont let go
(ill grab on’re so worth the fight,when i kiss u good night…i dont want the chance to let go..i dont want the chance to let go…..never again)

By SocialsZero "Jessy"

um..crap..i dont bored cuz no1 here does anything,simple minded "gangsters"...always wanting to me if u live near me..other-wards..just help me