Chandelier of Hope

Silence will only infest the mind with fears,

And the fears that arrive shread away at any available hope and optimism,

And the hope that disapears shatters the will to live.

Then there is nothing.

There is neither happy or sad.

NOt a frown or a smile.

Only hollow and haunting memories of times gone by and faded dreams wished away into the dead of the night.

Each day becomes one of pain, punishing oneself for lies,

Thinking deeper into illogical trauma that becomes the pattern of life.

NO one understands the reason for tears,

Not a soul could give reasonable help.

But you.

Carefully you unwound the rope around my neck,

And soothed the wound inflicted upon me.

You took away the blindfold that shuttered my eyes,

And let me see that chandelier of hope.

Nudging me gently you taught me to focus on the dazzling prosperous glow,

And brought a smile back to an empty soul.

Your words of wisdom were encouragement to keep going,

Your companionship erased the pain.

We both battle through life under different circumstances,

And we both deal with pain,

I am proud and happy that I can say we walk through life together,

Sharing the beauty and wonder of it all,

Because it is only with you that all these things make sense.