the way you think
your human stink
the flesh is off the hand

the people’s hate
the sadness of fate
has pushed me over again

you’ll pay
i promise you that
in the end it all comes back
and you will wish you were dead

with my fist closed
you’ll soon know
the pain that’s coming to you

you earned it
you bought it
old feelings arising
there’s nothing surprising
about the inner carnage coming to life

into the fire
you will burn
then you see there’s nowhere to turn
and you will pay for what you’ve done

this sadness dying
turn to hate
you brought this on yourself
let’s just call it fate

By maniac

i skate, hate the world, total pyro and don;'t want to talk to friends about my problems so i thought it's be better to share them with complete strangers, that way i could care less if there is any confilict