Chapter Two

Regeane was terrified. She had been sent to HIS chamber by the Head of Guards, Broc, and was told that the new King wanted her “company,” but she knew it wasn’t her company that Lord Saesha wanted. And she was terrified. She had been raised as the ultimate seductress, but she had never truly been with a man; in any way. She barely even knew what happened between men and women during sex.

She had heard umpteen stories from the other harem girls, but she was unsure of whether or not she should believe them. Especially Arina, the Lord’s favorite girl. Arina loved to speak about the Lord’s abilities in bed, and Regeane thought the girl exaggerated… a lot. Taking a deep breath, Regeane wondered if she was to find out for herself as she gave the huge redwood door a sharp knock. She heard no answer, so, against her own better judgment, opened the door and poked her dark head inside, softly calling, “M’lord? Are you awake?” She opened the door a bit more, glad that it didn’t creak, and slowly entered the room. She silently shut the door behind her and looked around. She was stunned by the simple, and yet lush beauty of the room. She slowly turned this way and that, looking at everything before focusing her gaze on the enormous bed at the room’s center. The veils were down, so she could not see if Lord Saesha was asleep, or even there. Timidly, she walked toward the bed, again calling out and asking if he was awake. This time she was answered: “Yes, I am awake. I have not yet found my slumber. What brings your to my chambers at this hour of the night, Young One?”“I…I was sent by Broc….he told me you wished to see me…” She spoke softly, formally. Saesha silently cursed Broc for sending this woman-child to him so soon after she arrived. He then spoke gently to her, “Well, as long as you are here, why not sit and talk with me a while?”“Th.. thank you M’lord..” Regeane said before slowly walking to the bed and lightly touching the veils. “Where do they end?” She said softly, before she could think better of it, then inwardly winced at her own stupidity, but the Prince surprised her with a soft chuckle as he said, “Oh, Young One… they end over here, near where I lay.” He smiled even though he knew she couldn’t see it. “Come over here and I will show you.” Regeane shyly walked over to the other side of the bed and stood there while he parted the silk veils to let her see him. He watched as her eyes widened slightly when she caught full sight of him, and wondered if she had just realized he was naked, and he also found himself wondering if that fact bothered her. Regeane was utterly stunned by the sheer beauty of this man. Never before had she seen a man that made her heart beat so fiercely. She then realized that he was completely without clothes beneath those silk sheets, and she was helplessly intrigued by the idea. She swallowed faintly and looked up to meet his eyes and nearly fainted.Saesha noticed she was about to faint and reached out to gently grab her, then pull her on to the bed, moving his own body over to make room for her small, yet sensual form. The moment he thought of her beauty and seductiveness, he could feel the faint stirring of desire within his blood, and he swiftly drenched them with the thought of her being a mere child. The thought worked… this time. He pushed away all other thoughts, and then focused on trying to soothe the young girl; gently stroking her hair and softly whispering that everything was all right. She looked up at him with those huge emerald eyes, and he almost got lost in them, his desire coming back with a vengeance. He drew in a swift breath and slowly backed off, then spoke, “Are you feeling better now?”“Yes, M’lord. Thank you.”“Tis not a problem Child, but perhaps you should get back to your own chambers before the entire harem thinks I have taken you as my lover.”“Is…isn’t that why you sent for me?” She looked at him again, this time with clear confusion, and a very faint look of rejection in her amazing eyes. He wanted to tell her that he didn’t send for her at all… and that he had no plans what so ever to take her yet, but seeing the look in her eyes, he found he couldn’t tell her that. She had been raised to become a harem girl, and if he told her he didn’t want her, the reason wouldn’t matter, he knew she’d be insulted and he couldn’t bring himself to hurt the girl. He sighed softly, not really knowing what to tell her.She backed off immediately at the sound of his sigh, thinking she had displeased him. She took a silent, but deep, breath and spoke softly with her eyes cast down, “Forgive my forwardness, M’lord, I meant no harm.” Saesha was brought out of his thoughts by her words, and he instantly realized she thought that she had displeased him. He couldn’t help but smile until he saw that she was afraid of him. He then gently reached out and placed his fingers under her chin and lifted it upwards, forcing her to look at him. As she stared into his eyes, his words were lost, replaced by the sudden and fierce urge to kiss her.

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