Cheater, Cheater. Poison Eater.

(Small writing about an Ex of mine whom I hate with a passion for cheating on me, I commend his painful death.)

Alone, wishing for what was once there
Missing your perfect hair
Remembering your emotionless eyes
When we said out goodbyes

You said I was just too different
I said this is the way I was meant
You said you would always love me
I said this isn’t how love should be

Remember our first kiss?
It is the bliss I will greatly miss
Now I see you from a distant stare
Sorry, sometimes I can’t help but glare

So you say something is gone, an empty space
Well I though I was there to fill that place
I thought that until I caught you with her
Is that what caused this cheating spur?

Now it’s the end
Once again my life seems to bend
Your painful death I commend
Since you are not near even a friend

[Cheater, Cheater
Poison eater
Woman beater
Now I poison you, by the meter.]

By DrearyEmotions

Not much to say. Very simple, yet very complicated person. Likes: Intelligent conversations, good music, cuddling, darker things. Dislikes: Society, politics, this new breed of 'punks'.