cheating girlfriend…

haunting me
you face, that smile
so fake
runs hate through my veins
liar, cheat… whore
how can i love someone still
who’s only caused hurt, nothing more
lie to me
lead me on
pull me down
at first i thought
i was the one
hurting you, abusing you
you lead me on that whole time
lying, that fake smile
still floating in my head
the morning after
you just sit back
and let me think
the world may actually be worth something
maybe i can be happy
no.. you lied
you whore.. did i deserve much more?
have them
i dont fucking care
bleed them dry
hold them close, i dont want you anymore
i hope you find my body
lying cold on the floor

By xsilentXscreamsx

i am a very boring person, trust me i would know im around myself all the time, but anyhoo... im 14, i hate my life, but what else is new? i get labeled as punk/gothic, mainly gothic, i hate labels because they are stupid and just another way to stereotype people, i live in Bellingham, WA (which you've probably never heard of) and if anyone cares, i am bi, and if you're homophobic you're stupid... dont get me started on that subject... i want to die... i dont care if people say they care, they dont show it, i dont care if people dont care, because in any case thats all i expect of them, someday ill make it, and ill go by as peacefully as i came, no one on here will notice, and i dont expect you to care.