I’m am one of the fisrt of this planet and nobelest of my own planet. Though here I am weak, I once held unthinkable power. I was a priestess in the temple, Nosamase Sima sou Morik cor Sonta. I was the granddauter of our goddess, Sima.

My father half god and never around, my mother mortal and dead since i turned 12. I lived for Sima alone… until he came. The man I would love for eternity. He knew nothing of our ways but he loved me and I loved him. Sima disapproved of him because he wished to take me from my planet. I was to take my grandmother’s place and become the goddess of her people. She told me what I would lose but I loved him so and I still do today, 5 million years later. I married the man named Eaffosist and we left. I sometimes think I should regret my decsion. We’ve been through so much pain together and now we have been thrown apart. That is another story and many lifes.

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By Cherly

I am from the before the begining of this world. I have lived my life and others but never really lived anywhere but with my mother...before she died. I am dedicated to my grandmother who is also my god. I live now in rememberance and in constant shift fr


  1. M’est chajoy’a enkarwa…. Very familiar

    “As the story ends the beginning begins again…”

  2. Makes me wonder how many of us are actually here. I have met a few and a couple of them even joined my club at Yahoo Clubs! The club name is Darkness and Blood for those who wish to meet. Chakaeron (me), Kima and Moc Shae are there. Hope to see you there too 🙂
    In the club I am known as Cthulu83401.

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