You’ve fallen child, you’ve fallen
into the darkest, lowest hole.
You’ve lost the sense you never had,
and all the warmth you craved for, child, is now dead, faint and cold.
The battle each man fights, to rescue his own soul,
from the gaping jaws and gripping claws,
of love, you’ve failed and falled.

Tales of everlasting truths, are merely simple lies
but you have not been wise my child, by let them cloud your eyes
and see beyond addictive magic, deceitful, laughing knifes.
The steps one makes, the path he takes, is always walked alone,
With no companion, my dear child, you’ll walk it on your own.
With arrogance you’ve shown, dear child, you’re eager to assume
That you can break the tragic laws, and rescue love from doom.

And after storm has shaken your undying dreams
Now you linger, aching, weeping, morning your great grief
And I will not pet your worried head; I will not wipe your tears
Believe you me, my darling child; it hurts more with the years.
But I can offer you one truth, honest and sincere,
To help you with your loss and lift that burden off your chest
That you my child, my precious ,dear,
Are no different from the rest.