Childhood Memories, Kingdom of Pain

(this goes in the erotica section)

The bed was huge. It’s black silken sheets slick as ice and shimmering in the dim candle like light. As a small girl with waste long black hair jumped onto the bed, footsteps could be heard outside.

A gorilla sized hand pounded the door. Squealing could be heard and loud slap echoed down the corridor behind the wood barrier. “You may enter.” The small girl replied, a tiny giggle escaping her raspberry lips. A broad man dressed in a long black robe trudged in. It seemed as if he carried his feet, but behind him, dragging on the cool marble floor, another girl.

“You may leave her there.” The small girl on the bed pointed to a rug on the floor right in front of a blazing red fire place. “Now be gone.”

“Yes Mistress Rheynne. My humble apologies for disturbing your sweet slumbers.” He whispered darkly, and then left silently.

Rheynne clambered out of bed, as young ones do, and walked over to the other girl. The other girl had long brown hair dark as new soil and skin only as pale as buttermilk with a few beauty marks aligned along her torso. Rheynne kicked her.

“Wake up you. Terra I said open your eyes.” The other girl, the one with the brown hair, Terra, stirred. A blue bruise was forming across her left cheek where the shape of hand could be made out. “Silly girl, you ran away again. Why do you ever do that? You know I will always catch you.”

Terra’s eyes shot open. Blood shot, but still a steely blue. Her eyes were like the blades that hung across the walls of the chamber. Even above the silken bed twin daggers of liquid silver glittered. Her upper lips quivered, but she kept still as a rabbit snared in a trap.

“Rei…Rei…” Rheynne turned her back almost playfully, even though she was 14 she acted as if she was younger. Maybe this is why she looked so. “Rei, I’m sorry. Forgive me Rei. Pleeeeaaaase. I don’t know what I do.” Rheynne turned on the girl, Terra, and smiled a doll-like smile.

“The slave has been bad…there must be a punishment.” These were the words that Rheynne grew up hearing. Her mother who was known as a harsh mistress used them. Even when Rheynne was a child she was beaten. Just as the slaves were. Every so often Terra would come into the room and find Rheynne so senselessly bloody that not even the most patent homeopathic remedies would help. This is how Terra learned her magicks. They were the only thing that had kept Rheynne alive.

But Rheynne was changing, and Terra felt the change. Just as she had felt this game that they had started playing only a while ago. Usually she could change the subject, make Rheynne think about something else, but it was too late.

“What is my punishment mistress…” Terra got up from her laying position and bowed humbly to Rheynne, peaking playfully from behind her hair every so often.

“Come to bed and you will see.” Terra followed like a dog. Rheynne got upon the bed. “Come here girl.”

Terra climbed up. Rheynne touched her hands to Terra’s breasts and a breath rasped through Terra’s lips. This was a different game. Never had Rheynne done this. “You will do as I say.”

Terra nodded, but Rheynne was already looking elsewhere. She moved her fingers to the lace bra that held the firm breasts of Terra up, and unclasped the clip between them. Terra bit her upper lip and preyed Rheynne would lose her lust.

“Please….” Terra pleaded with Rheynne

“Shut up Terra.” And Terra did.

“Now, kiss me.” And Terra did.

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.