Childs Play

You play with my life like it was a doll.
It’s ok… I’ve recently come into existence,
To you, I’m to be no importance,
You throw me around like nothing will ever change,
There’s no way I can cut lose from your grasp.

You play with my soul like a little wined up Doll.
You listen to the screams for so long,
But, when they begin to fade,
You play them all over again.

You play with my mind like it was rag doll.
Teasing my eyes within a darkened closet,
I never know if it’s truly dark, or are my eyes blind?

You play with my face like a voodoo doll.
You thrust your anger in which, my face is translated.

You killed me like shattered porcelain doll

By Perfect Blood Stain

I am a very open person Im not the type of person to piss off or discriminate against. But that is up to you. At least I get humor out of it and all you get is looking like a complete jackass in the process