Cigarettes, Sexuality, and Ignorance

It is true that I only post something about anything when I am very provoked. I guess in my first topic post I’m here to bitch about something that irks me to no end.

It started quite a time ago, but only truly began to surface just recently. Like many goths, freaks, and what have you; my best male friends paint there nails often. Ranging from black (of course!), to blue, to orange. Personally, I find this a turn-on. But, as expected, they get much criticism for these acts. It happens quite frequently and it’s usually the same people, but they are bound to hear the word ‘fag’ at least five times a day some of them. This is obviously a sort of insult from those who use it. Considering the fact that they are my friends, this plagues me. In fact more so me than them. My boyfriend (and my favorite closet-goth) is extremely passive, so he is not as bothered by it as I (and he might hurt me for speaking of him 😛 ). I’m sure, though, inside them it bugs them a bit too.

I’m still a young thing so, unfortunately, I’m still an inhabitant of the institution referred to as High School. I wish I could say that it is not the jocks who are the center of this lament of stupidity, but I can’t. They seem to be the biggest instigators of this whole charade. More and more ridicule, as we walk through the halls, as we go into are classes and wait for them to start.

Now I can only feel this is from ignorance alone because I can think of no other explanation. I don’t see it as an issue of jealousy, although THEY SHOULD be. And everyone questions their own sexuality at one time or another. But that isn’t the case here, I think all will agree. If intellect was a mark of how often you think before you speak, well, I bet you can guess where I am going with that one.

I believe in ambiguity of the sexes. I am known to dress in extremes in both directions (from girly skirts and bracelets to baggy jeans and my wallet chains). Neither my friends nor I have considered homosexuality, not that I’m against because I can find women attractive. We just prefer to stick with the opposite sex. So, where does that word fag come in? As I stated it has merely become an insult to those who dare to be different. They wear nothing but black, have ‘long’ hair (or so those who feel the need to talk think) and nail polish, big freaking whoop-di-doo *sorry, ARGH*.

In closing (because what I thought to be a small remark has turned into a bit of a ramble)… [Fag] my friends are not cigarettes (my boyfriend has terrible asthma and can’t even stand to be in the same room as a smoker). They aren’t a bundle of sticks. Nor are they menial task servants of students at a British public school.

Due to the fact that I don’t assume someone’s sexual orientation on mere appearance, I have come up with this, which can be used in times of childish name calling… ‘Fag means weary. Weary is a synonym (that means, means the same, silly) for jaded. Jaded means tired of (in this case your ignorance). So, yes, they are fags. Or fagged, since I prefer to pronounce the word correctly.’ *Hee hee, goths can handle not being completely placid occasionally in their lives, can’t they?*

Well, at least all these accusations will soon give all the words they call them no further meaning, over exposure seems to defeat all. I know this is more of an issue of grade school behaviors than confusion over sexuality, but if that is what they will call someone, couldn’t they at least know what they are talking about? (Probably not).

*Blah, blah, blah and I’m done!*


By LilJadedChick

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