Clinging to the dream of love

I look into the darkness of night
And see the emptiness of my soul
I’ve been alone for so long, so very long
Clinging to a fading dream that will make me whole

I’ve searched in the eyes of many strangers
To see if you are looking too
But all the time and all the faces
I never have cought a glimpse of you

My hope for love is beginning to fade
Loneliness fills my life, darkness fills my sight
I feel so weak and tired now, I want to stop and die
I always thought you were there, that love was right

Now I feel like a lonely fool
Maybe I missed you somewhere out there
Will there be yet another chance?
Do I have the strength to still care?

I’ve lived for the thought of love
For so long the dream has kept me alive
Now I’m truly empty, hurting, and sad
I don’t want to live if it’s just to survive

It is with my last hope I call
To any power that can hear
Please bring me the love I have sensed
Send me that person I already love so dear

But another day passes quietly by
And no one looks or glances back
A longing and hurt grows larger still
My strength and will is continuing to crack

Now I think my end is near
A river of darkness approaching over me
My eyes are weak, my heart is dying
I try to keep looking, but I can no longer see

Are you out there somewhere looking too?
Could it be that I haunt your thoughts as well?
Please keep trying, I know I must
But right now, I am going through hell

All I wanted was someone to love
Someone to care for and cherish
But it all seems so distant, like a myth
Please find me now before I perish

I look into the darkness of the night
And wonder if you are trying to find me
Under the same stars and in the shadows
Perhaps you have the strength to also see

I am still here and hanging on
Though my time is fading fast
Perhaps I’ve only one chance left
To find that love, finally, at last.

By MichaelA

My name is Michael Archangel. In life I have moved through very dark spaces. I've learned to "see" in ways most people can't. I have felt profound hurt and sorrow. I have felt moments of joy. I am an artist, a poet, a psychic, and a writer. I am like no one else you will ever meet. In my writings you will find hope, dispair, fear, courage, and the lessons in life that I have learned. I live alone, but don't want to be. Maybe someday, in my searching, I will find someone....