this is one of those happy poems, one that will make u go aw… yea its one of the shittier ones i guess….

A boy in school always gets every question correct
And from what I see he seems so perfect
So now I find this boy really important
Day by day I give him more of a hint
I mean, he seems so great
I just wish I had the courage to ask him on a date
Without wrong or weakness
Thus why I long for just one kiss
He is without flaws and mistake
Not one bit of this boy I like is fake
When I see him I forget everything I ever did
And I just don’t understand when people call him conceited
So I’m looking into his eyes at the greenish tint
While people who are jealous continue to call him arrogant
They’re all jealous because of his superior intelligence
But it doesn’t bother the boy, he is strong with assertiveness
He illuminates how I feel
He is perfect, he’s ideal
Such a great aura, of course he is cobalt
He is wonderful, without fault
To me he is completely imperative
Because this boy is truly the reason I live.

By nessa

names venessa. everyone calls me nessa. im 14 and im an evil little gothic girl from NY. i am wiccan. i love my friends, boyfriend, and music. and i hate...just about everything else.. bye now.