Cold, Careless and Empty

It’s not that she needed the confidence, she knew she could do it, she just didn’t want to. But as it was not her choice to make she did what was asked. So there she was, sitting on the imported Italian leather lounge, waiting to hear what her psychiatrist had to say. The doctor delivered her diagnosis without disappointment. As she read what she believed to be the answers, from her hand written notes, she starred into the 15 year olds cold blue eyes, looking to see if she was right, and maybe to see signs that what she was saying was hitting a nerve, but there was no movement in her vivid blue eyes, they were cold, careless and empty. They were as cold as her once loving heart, they were as careless as her once bubbly and friendly spirit, and they were as empty as her once righteous and caring sole. Her loving, friendly and caring qualities were long gone, as was her will to live; she was without a care in the world. Not every one knows this and no one knows why she is like this… not even her. She just simply starred straight back. After hearing from her new doctor that she was anorexic, anaemic, bulimic and suicidal she blinked, looked to the floor, then looked back at her doctor and said both confidently and innocently “I’m not bulimic”.


By Angel_O_Darkness

there is nothing to me to talk about...sorry